i could tell you that i cut you out of stars
but it’s just a ghost of what i’m feeling in my heart 

sam/dean + “words” by anna nalick for anonymous


Castiel, painted with acrylics on canvas

It’s finally done! I’m quite happy with the outcome as well :)

When the light comes,
may you wear the morning well.
May you always keep part of it in your hands.

Let us pray for the courage roaring
in your colosseum chest,
that it stays hungry and that it wins.

from “A Prayer” by Caitlyn Siehl

You know there are limits to what I’ll do, right?

Ah, he’s playing hard to get. That’s cute.

                        TEAM FREE WILL 

Hugh Dancy photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue Hommes International

you’re my brother and i still love you

dean spoiling the hell out of sam when they first start fucking and he just lives to get sam to come first and maybe second too and sam tries sO hard to fight dean and turn the focus on him and make dean come first but sam’s seventeen and hormonal and constantly horny and he can’t remember his first name when dean gets his hands on him